Antique Limousine of Indianapolis

Month: March, 2015

Chic Indianapolis Limo Service: An Essential for Girls’ Glam Night Out

Of course, nights like these also require you to dress up and look as glamorous as possible. Begin with applying makeup that would catch people’s attention as much as your dress. Opt for a smoky eye effect, false eyelashes, or a dramatic eyeliner, and lead attention to your lips through gloss or a bright-colored lipstick.

You don’t want to pull your hair up in a tight bun as it could cause headaches or scalp pains; besides, it would look too formal for a casual night with friends. Try instead to straighten, curl, or even create an interesting hairdo that won’t fall out or go haywire while you move. Remember, it’s not every day (or night) that you get to socialize; go all out and make yourself look and feel pretty with a total makeover.


An Indianapolis Limo Makes a Classic Movie-Inspired Date Memorable

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but this is no excuse not to treat your girl to a glamorous date straight out of a classic Hollywood film. Be George Heppard and Audrey Hepburn for a night and feel like characters from a classic romantic film, complete with a ride on a vintage limo in Indianapolis. Sure, a simple ride out on a limo is memorable enough, but why not take it up a few notches and get cues from some of Hollywood’s most memorable on-screen relationships?

Some people might be happy with a simple limo ride, which in itself exudes an aura of sophistication and style and is seen only in Hollywood A-listers. Add a bottle of champagne and drive around town for the night, and your date would be complete. Yet, how can you make it extra special?