Antique Limousine of Indianapolis

Month: November, 2014

Star Treatment for All: Creative Rides with Indianapolis Limo Service

The limousine twist is not confined to Alabama, however, as people in other states are also utilizing the sophisticated cars for more creative purposes. Some stores are even offering limo rides to their patrons as part of their promo in order to further entice customers into patronizing their shops. In addition, there is increasing demand for the vehicles for use in family Christmas light tours, haunted tours, kiddie birthday parties, and other special occasions.

Despite their reputation for being the ride of choice for wealthy and famous people, it seems that limo companies are also welcoming the more casual use of their vehicles. Besides its classic limousines, for example, Indianapolis limo service company Antique Limousine of Indianapolis also has stretch SUVs, vintage cars, trolleys, and limo buses available for their clients and their unique requirements, such as birthday rides to ice cream parlors or all-night chauffeurs to New Year’s Eve parties.


Kings and Queens for a Day: Getting Creative with an Indianapolis Limo

In addition to being a novel way to travel during the holidays, limousines can also be rented out to make various occasions more memorable. Antique Limousine of Indianapolis, one of the Indianapolis limo service providers, for example, has seen its share of unique rentals, ranging from a variety of occasions, such as a 10-year old twin’s birthday party to a 14th birthday, a 62nd anniversary, and even a Black Friday shopping spree.

Limousines have long been seen as the vehicle of choice for the rich and famous, but the times have changed that perception. Today, an average family can rent a limo in Indianapolis, Dallas, or Texas for a few hundred dollars depending on the situation, and the experience includes a chauffeur driving up to their door ready to accommodate their every need. Clearly, what used to be a perk exclusively for wealthy executives and movie stars has now become a way to infuse thrill and glamor into otherwise ordinary celebrations.