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Month: October, 2014

Hire an Indianapolis Limo Service and Enjoy these Bachelor Party Ideas

No memorable Indy wedding can go on without the groom having his party on with friends first, and if Hollywood is to be believed, no bachelor party can happen without booze, laughter, and a whole lot of hijinks. If you want to make sure that your party. never gets stale as the night wanes on, you can always hire a trusted limo service in Indianapolis to take you to various places around the Circle City without having to worry about who the designated driver is. As to where you can go, here are some affordable ideas that you might want to consider


From Movie Posters to a Limo in Indianapolis: Hosting a 1930s Party

So you’re planning to host a themed party for your friends and family in the Circle City, and you have your mind set on a nice throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood: the 1930s. While this period is a great font of fast cars and a wide array of fashionable clothes, a sign of being strong despite the time of the Great Depression, you should make sure that all your decorations are suited for the period, down to a vintage limo from Indianapolis rental companies.